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Animal Health & Nutrition

Animal health & safety products like nutritional, probiotics, electrolytes, toxin binders, mold inhibitors, enzymes, medicaments, anti stress, anti coccidials, vitamins / mineral premixes, sanitizers, acidifiers, nutrient enhancers, growth promoters, emulsifiers, immunity enhancer.
We are committed to provide the best solutions to the animal health sector for species including the below,

Our nutrition range includes :
  • A. Amino Acids
  • → DL Methionine
  • → L Lysine
  • → L Threonine
  • → L Tryptophan
  • → L Valine
  • B. Feed Meals
  • → Soya Meal
  • → Rice Meal
  • → Corn Meal
  • → Meat and Bone Meal
  • C. Vitamins & Minerals
  • → Calcium
  • → Phosphorous
  • → Magnesium
  • → Selenium
  • → Vitamin A
  • → Vitamin D
  • → Vitamin E
  • → Broiler Premix
  • → Breeder Premix
  • → Layer Premix
  • Customized Premix- Kindly contact us for customized blends & packaging at

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Agricultural Solutions

India has become a very important player in the global market, especially for rice, cotton, sugar, and beef (buffalo). In addition to these products, India has also become a sizeable exporter of soyabean meal, guar gum, corn, and wheat, as well as a diverse range of other products.

Our range of agriculture solutions include ,
  • → Cereals
  • → Processed Foods
  • → Processed Meat
  • → Animal Casings
  • → Poultry Products
  • → Dairy Products
  • → Processed Fruits & Vegetables
  • → Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • → Floriculture

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Speciality Chemicals

We cover world’s five-largest speciality chemicals like segments-speciality polymers, electronic chemicals, industrial & institutional cleaners, surfacants, flavors and fragrances. The largest consuming speciality chemicals are antioxidants, catalysts, construction, feed additives, printed circuit board ,semiconductor packaging, plastics additives, paper chemicals, rubber-processing chemicals, speciality coatings, speciality polymers, textile chemicals, water management chemicals, cosmetic chemicals, food additives, industrial & institutional cleaners, lubricating oil additives, oil field chemicals, printing inks, surfacants, and synthetic lubricants.

  • → Di Calcium phosphate
  • → Mono Calcium phosphate
  • → Ammonium chloride
  • → Sodium sulphate
  • → Phosphoric Acid
  • → Precipitated Silica
  • → Calcium Sulphate
  • → Nitric acid 72%
  • → Soda Ash light
  • → Sulphuric Acid
  • → Hydrogen Peroxide
  • → Hydrazine Hydrate
  • → Acetic Acid
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Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Foxnut Group is active worldwide and dedicated to research, production and marketing of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products. We provide an extensive range of registered antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, vitamins, local anesthetics, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic agents, hormonal, and anti-parasitic products in the form of water-soluble powders, oral solutions, and premixes.
Our sole objective is to provide quality veterinary pharmaceuticals and nutritional products at affordable prices to every farmer in every country. We are also committed to provide technical support and transfer of knowledge to distributors and wholesalers.
Quality veterinary medicines, feed additives and premixes at an affordable price for every animal and in every farm.
API and raw material can made available subject to requirement.

Our Portfolio includes :
  • → Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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